Photography by Darren Lehane

I'm a UK based photographer.

I'm very much a snapshot photographer - attracted to raw, spontaneous and instantaneous moments rather than technical or compositional perfection. I react to things genuinely happening in front of me rather than “set up” scenes and hope for the best. Life and the human condition appeal more to me than overly considered images.

These days I work exclusively in colour. My focal length of choice is primarily a 28mm, although I will happily use a 35mm or a 50mm if really required.

I was a winning finalist of PDN Street 2016 - as selected by Colin Westerbrook - and a finalist in the San Francisco Street Foto Festival in 2019.

I first picked up my Nan’s instamatic camera in the early 1970s as a young kid, got my first SLR in the mid 1980s, shot everything and anything throughout the 1990s and early 2000s on film. I turned to digital in about 2004 and started shooting street photography more seriously since 2006.

My main influences are Garry Winogrand, Robert Frank, Tony Ray-Jones, Jeff Mermelstein, Joel Meyerowitz, William Eggleston, Stephen Shore, Harry Gruyaert, Ernst Haas, Saul Leiter, Aaron Siskind, Anton Corbijn, Daido Moriyama, Martin Parr and, of course, no list is complete without a nod to Henri Catier-Bresson. Yes, I know quite a varied and eclectic mix of snappers but all have inspired me in one way or another over the years.

Features, exhibits and accolades

  • 2008 Finalist Curry's Our Lives Competition

  • 2008 Part of Group Exhibit at The Mall Galleries, London

  • 2008 Work Featured in London Time Out Magazine

  • 2008 Work Featured in JPG Magazine

  • 2009 Featured on Londonist Website

  • 2009 Work Featured In The Guardian Weekend Magazine

  • 2009 Part of Group Exhibit in Los Angeles, USA

  • 2010 Work Featured in The Guardian Weekend Magazine

  • 2011 Work Featured in Amateur Photographer Magazine

  • 2012 Images Used in London 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremonies

  • 2013 Work Featured in British Airways Magazine

  • 2016 Winning Finalist on PDN Street 2016 (judged by Colin Westerbeck)

  • 2017 Featured in Olympus Passion Magazine

  • 2018 Featured on Urban Street Diving website

  • 2018 Featured in "Street Photography" book - to be published by Acuity Press

  • 2018 Featured Photographer on ISP Collective Instagram

  • 2019 Final 5 Finalist London Photo Show (Spring)

  • 2019 Finalist San Francisco Street Foto Festival - Single Image

Listen to an interview with me about my street photography